Del Pacífico

Del Pacifico Seafoods is a social and environmentally responsible wholesaler.
We supply retailers and food service companies the finest quality seafood, with the lowest impact to the environment in the industry. We have our own state-of-the-art processing facility, ensuring quality from capture to delivery. All seafood products are painstakingly processed, frozen and shipped within a few hours from capture. Our products meet rigorous international standards and our shrimp is FAIR TRADE certified.
We are committed to protecting our oceans by reducing the effect of destructive fishing practices. We work in close collaboration with artisan fishermen groups to supply the best seafood to the United States.
We donate to projects that support environmentally responsible fishing and endorse the communities that produce these exceptional seafoods.
To buy sustainable seafood is a way to replenish our oceans and manage our resources into the future.