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Pavo de granja CHICO 4-6 kg 20% de descuento

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Pavo de granja MEDIANO 6-8 kg 20% de descuento

$ 1,088.00 $ 1,360.00

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Pavo de granja GRANDE 8-10 kg 20% de descuento

$ 1,360.00 $ 1,700.00

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Choose your turkey and pay today. If there is a weight difference when your turkey is ready, we'll reimburse you in pesos or in store credits + 10% in DILMUN points. We´ll contact you by Whatsapp when your turkey is ready for delivery. Please understand that the checkout process will continue in spanish. If you need any need additional help, please contact us through the web chat.

You´ll get:

  • A fresh and first frozen raw turkey
  • A easy and delicious recipe
  • You can receive it by itself or with other staples

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Did you know Christmas turkey tradition started in México?

Spanish conquerors in Mexico tried the guajolote which was a common delicacy for the Aztecs. They loved it and took it back to Spain as part of their trophies for the king. Spaniards misnamed it “pavo” after the peacock or pavoreal, which has really nothing in common with.
Soon, they began to raise the guajolote in Europe, the news spread among the monarchs and became a status symbol since it was a fine and hard-to-find meat. The guajolote reached England and was named “Turkey” after the Asian country, all the rare things came from the far east. A while later, it was taken to the English Colonies. This is how the turkey tradition started and was incorporated into the Thanksgiving celebration. México's gift to the world. Right now you can preorder your Turkey and return to the original tradition with your loved ones.

Pre-order your turkey today and be one the lucky ones to have a fresh, local and free range Turkey for your Christmas dinner, supporting local mexican producers.